Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that no person can be too old to surf. We believe that age isn't an issue when it comes to surfing. Surfing is a great workout for any age group. In fact, the board chosen by the surfer can reflect the physical condition of the surfer which is completely independent of his/her age.
We believe that no person can be too young to surf either. Kids are usually more excited and exhibit a natural inert confidence that allows them to catch on to surfing quicker than most adults, but this isn't always the case.
We can't guarantee the safety to those that we teach, but we always hold safety to the upmost importance. We are certified in BLS and thankfully, have never had to use it. We always carry a first aid kit and use soft foam boards that practically make it impossible for injury. Of course, we have waivers that need be assigned by the surfer/parent.
Picking a perfect time to surf can be crucial for a positive surfing experience. We recommend surfing around two hours before high tide and before two hours after high tide. This allows a eight hours of optimal surfing time every twenty-four hours.
Folly Beach Surf Lessons holds a standard above most surf camps. We believe in quality service from young, avid surfers. We also believe that the ocean can be a powerful, dangerous place for those unexpecting. That is why we are certified in ocean safety.
Folly Beach Surf Lessons provides the boards, rash guards, wax, rash guards, sunscreen, drinks, and a personal picture with each surf lesson. We believe that all things should be provided for a positive surfing experience.
We provide everything from surfing to paddleboarding. Kite surfing will be on the list next! We also try to showcase our surfing through various other medias like pictures and video. If your are interested in getting video/photos of your surf session then contact us today! Also, check out our surfing blog.
There's a couple of different ways to check the surf, but we prefer the live webcam at Surfline. For an extended forecast checkout SwellInfo. There is also a new cam at that shows a great view of the surf at the pier.
Lessons are offered all year, but unfortunately wetsuits are required to surf at Folly Beach during the winter time. The water can go all the way down to 48 degrees in some cases. Water over 70 degrees is more than warm enough to surf in. Typically, the water temperature is warm enough from April to September sometimes even longer. The current water temperature can be checked at Surfline or SwellInfo.
We guarantee that in an hours time you will receive the full surfing experience with more waves caught then you could ever imagine.